So I’m about to have a baby. Which is both hugely exciting and full of learnings, most of them predictable. One of the less predictable learnings has been about how we shop for stuff. Not that I didn’t have strong views about the act of shopping already, just that it’s rare in life to need to buy so much stuff and spend so much money on a category you know so little about. In short, shopping around in the ocean of baby stuff helped to refresh my insights into how anyone buys anything these days. Here are my three headlines. ONE. Advertising doesn’t influence, but brand does. There is no question in my mind that our shopping was framed by the experience of friends, and then informed by a combination of what was on display in stores and what was recommended to us through a combination of blogs and classes. At no stage has advertising had a dominant influence on our desire to purchase items. Brand, on the other hand, has been seriously influential. Product design, packaging, sales materials, storytelling, heritage, websites, brand personality, feedback on customer service issues, personality and tone of voice…every piece of data on the brands we have been interacting with has been part of our decision. Advertising has, at times, been one piece of that brand jigsaw. That’s all. TWO. Reviews matter, a lot, both in traditional and new media. The difference? They no matter more than ever, because there’s more of them. And more information means more pressure to access information. And more connectedness means more likelihood that somewhere among the branded content and biased one-offs will be tens or even hundreds of relevant opinions and insights. THREE. The retail experience is key. Distribution, display, retail staff engagement…it’s all critical. Critical. Just like the consumer electronics category…most product is sold in large, soulless, multi-brand stores where individual brands and products easily get lost. The only way to win in there is through price, unshakable consumer preference, or sales staff advocacy. I know which I’d bet on every time. That’s it. No rocket science. No revelations. But instead a timely reinforcement of long-held instincts.

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Teenage Depression

I grew up in a normal household with a mother and father, and two younger siblings. My father was the breadwinner, and my mother stayed at home with us kids as was normal when I was a child. We had enough money to live on, got regular health checks, and I did well in school.

As far as I know there was nothing wrong with me during my childhood. I had one broken arm, chicken pox, and did not need braces, had no unusual diseases.

I started high school in ninth grade, and during the first year did not have any problems. When I was sixteen, I joined a youth group through my synagogue, and was very active in the group. Between the summer of tenth grade, and eleventh grade, I went to Israel with a group for six weeks.

As I look back on my high school years for symptoms of the onset of depression, I believe that I started having symptoms my sophomore year of high school. But of course, teenagers are often moody, so they were missed.

One of the most frustrating things about my own dysthymia, is that my father is a physician, and my parents are both highly educated, yet no one realized that I was suffering more than the usual amount of teenage depression.

I met a boyfriend on my Israel trip, and he was very special. Leaving him behind was very difficult for me. And the following year, I started to have more symptoms of depression.

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My Badminton Experience

Badminton is one of the popular sport not only here in the Philippines but in the whole world. This sport is one of sport in Olympic games and SEA games. This is very easy to play because all you to do is hit the shuttlecock using the badminton racket. This sport is makes your body fit and healthy. This is good for the fat and big persons to maintain their healthy and strong body.

I’m one of the  fan of this sport because all of the sport I learned Badminton is my favorite. Because i like to play badminton I joined a badminton  organization or team here in Balanga City, Bataan the team name is “Battlecocks”. The day I joined to this team I’m slightly embarrassed to my team mates. I quit after four months Because of financial problem. But I’m still playing badminton until now. I play with my father, uncle, brothers and friends. That is my experience in playing Badminton…..

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My Dota Experience

Dota is most of the popular computer games here in Philippines for all the teenagers. In my Dota experience I get some learnings about game like how to used the different heroes in this game and how to use their skills. In this king of game I experience to compete to other players in other places here in bataan. Sometimes we won and sometimes we … See Morelose. But every game there have many tensions because some of my enemy is a kind of trashtalker players. But I learn to give some patience to my enemy. This kind of game is very interesting therefore many teenagers boy or girl play this game. Every time we compete I’m the setter of the team some times killer or support because me is for all around position. In this game I meet many friends like in our computer shop in Orion. My teamates and I is the representative for our computer shop in Orion “Jazking” and our team name is “Team Crazy”. And the popular team in Philippines is the team “MINESKI” and they have team of girls the team “PANDORA”. This is my bonding time with my friends in U.S.A. and my two brothers. We love this game to much. That is my dota experience..

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Hello world!

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